The Moment

To catch you up to speed, there was a definitive moment that I realized that I had to pursue a PhD. I am going to tell you a shorty story about “the moment.”

My journey through my master’s thesis was “character building” to say the least. It was nearly two years of researching/ writing coupled with major doses of kindness, patience, determination and perseverance. That’s right. It was not easyThough I am extremely grateful to my committee and proud of the final product, the experience was enough to deter most from the pursuit of a PhD.

Fortunately, I am not most people.

As soon as I found out (via e-mail) my final draft of my thesis was approved (signed with the correct pens, printed to the exact specifications, etc.), I was ecstatic!

It was official–I was going to be graduating…in two weeks! I was so excited, I did what most people might do–I hugged my husband! We cheered!

But unlike most people and without hesitation, I sang (in my best Adam Sandler voice, of course):

“A Master’s for you…A Master’s for ME! Now I want to get my PhD!”

My husband smiled. And that was the moment (August 2012) my adventure towards a PhD began.

ImagePhoto: Courtesy of Mom

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