“…nothing but the grace of God”

We didn’t get here by ourselves.

My husband and I are both the first-born children of working middle-class American parents. Our parents did not go to college after highschool and chose to start families early in their marriages. Our mothers stayed at home while our fathers provided for our families.

We were both raised that it is important to work hard and go to college. We held jobs as soon as we were employable and decided upon our majors early on. We knew going to college and not working was not an option. He worked summers and held a campus job while I held part-time jobs and commuted to school.

My husband (then boyfriend of 3 1/2 years) graduated a semester earlier than his peer with a bachelor’s degree in Business. The following semester I graduate with honors from Indiana University with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies-Speech Communication.

That summer, I married my college sweetheart and we both started full-time jobs at a university the following week.

Two months later, we adopted our dog, Costa. A year later, we purchased a renovated cottage-style home. That year, I started graduate school at FAU and a new job at a university. Meanwhile, with the prompting and ongoing support of my husband, boss, faculty, colleagues, mentors, family and friends, I started building my vita with panel presentations, volunteer work, etc.

The day after graduating (with my master’s in Communication Studies-Public Address) I found out I had an interview to teach at a local college. Two months later, I taught my first college course, an evening class at a new campus. By the end of the semester I picked up two spring courses with the college, I quit my full-time position, and committed to teach a class at the university. By early spring, I was scheduled to teach as an adjunct for four different colleges and universities in the area. Since then, I have taught 20 courses and held a small part-time job on the side as an independent research assistant.

Now, here we are. And in the words of Tyler Perry, “nothing but the grace of God” (How To Be Successful…).


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