Application Process

Walking Towards the Door

The decision to continue my education was the easiest part of this process. The first hurdles were the GRE and deciding where to apply.

For those of you who are wondering where to start for your search…or those who are simply curious, this is how I narrowed down my choices:

  1. Google Search
  2. NCA Doctoral Program Guide (
  3. Recommendations from faculty
  4. NCA Graduate Fair, 2012
  5. Program Descriptions, Specializations, and Faculty
  6. Location, Location, Location (close to home and/or somewhere really awesome!)

Now, I am not going to reveal my choices because my applications are in progress. But I will say that I am very pleased with my final choices and would be privileged to work with their faculty and students.  At this point, I am patiently waiting for the final decisions.

No matter what you aspire to, know that you have to take the first step, then the second, etc.

Whether it is a job, college application, tryout for the Next Greatest Baker, etc. is better to apply yourself and find out you didn’t make the cut than to never apply yourself at all.

How do you know a door is closed without walking up to it?  If it is closed, you can stop wondering about “what could have been” and start the adventure of finding the door that is right for you.


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