Application Process

‘Thank You’ Cards

“Did you send your ‘Thank You’ cards yet?”

At a young age I was taught before you enjoy your birthday presents, Christmas gifts, or the like, you should always send out your ‘Thank You’ cards–first! I learned that this ritual is not just an opportunity to express my gratitude but to reflect on the fact that the person went out of their way to think of me, purchase a gift, send a card, etc.

To this day, I can’t shake this gesture–nor do I want to.

Yesterday, I sat down at my kitchen table and wrote ‘Thank You’ cards for those who took the time out of their hectic schedules to prepare and send my letters of recommendation (for my PhD applications). Without their letters, my applications would be incomplete. They were not obligated to write these letters. Many of them wrote these letters during the final weeks of the semester and holiday break, some while recovering from illness, others with looming and demanding deadlines. And each took the time out of their life to support me in my pursuit; a gesture of encouragement which I am thankful for.

While writing the ‘Thank You’ cards, I reflected on their generosity.

As I am getting ready to address these letters, I can’t help but think that I should take more time out of my life to reflect, be grateful, and thankful for those who go out of their way to express kindness and support. Whether it is the secretary who greets me as I enter the office, the colleague who asks how my classes are going, or the lunch lady who smiles at me as I hold up the line while I choose what topping to put on my beans and rice because, “they all look good!”

These are people who have places to go, things to do, other people to help, deadlines, etc., but they kindly stop to help you find a building, or show you the trick to using the copy machine. They are people who deserve a ‘Thank You.’

Today may you  be both encouraged to reflect and be grateful. May you take time to thank someone or at the very least…be someone worth thanking.


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