Go with the Flow

Not much has happened since my last post. I continue to play the ‘waiting game’ as the last school’s decision pends. Arguably, this part is much more exhausting than the others. It is the ‘unknown’ that plagues me.

No matter what the decision is, I will still be presented with a decision.

A PhD Student to be or no PhD, that is the question.

But seriously…think about it, decisions can freak us out. We can be afraid to make choices unless they are attached to a “guarantee”–even though life can ofter us little in that regard. And since decisions are not made in a vacuum, they have ‘consequences’–a ripple effect–that can impact those around them.

But often times the decision maker doesn’t want to be held responsible for making the wrong decision.

Likewise, we can carry this way of thinking into our faith. That if it is meant to be, the answer will be revealed to us. As a result, people often choose inaction in hopes that a clearer decision will present itself. Meanwhile, opportunities pass us by and we miss out of the joys of life–the ‘consequence’ of a good decisions; the result of hard work and achievement.

Imagine that you are canoeing down a gentle river. You can see ahead that the river splits in two. Now contrary to popular imagination, one is not more rigid than the other. Instead, they appear to be equal. The only difference is that they are headed in different directions. You don’t know much more about them than that. Perhaps they will end up in the same place. Perhaps one will be more treacherous but scenic. Perhaps there are a group of people you will become friends with or wildlife/ scenery so majestic that it takes your breath away.

So what do you do?

Do you prop up your canoe at the split and wait? Wait for what? Unless you point towards one–you will be idle. All the information in the world is irreverent at this juncture because it simply has to do with instinct–there is not a map to tell you what people will be on the river when you are there or what wildlife will be present at that very moment–or a gauge to tell you how your emotions will be affected.

Decisions can be tricky sometimes and there is not always a clear indication of which is “best.” But one thing is certain– worrying about decisions before they present themselves is only going to take the joy and excitement out of the journey.

Sometimes it is best to just, “Go with the flow.”


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