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Worth Celebrating

Often times we [myself included] don’t really take time out to celebrate when good things happen in our lives. For whatever reason, it always seems like there is a looming cloud of worries that take precedence over our time and our lives.

This got me thinking…why am I not celebrating?

In the midst of finding out that I was accepted into a doctoral program I quickly got caught up in all the logistics. Yes, I am excited about my decision to continue my education! I am excited that the faculty are interested in my area of research. I am also excited that I will be going to a school just an hour away from old friends who are eager for my arrival. This is a great moment–it calls for celebration! But I am not the only one who should be celebrating, there are hundreds of thousands of new graduates and prospective students who need to be celebrated! There are people getting promotions, starting new jobs, getting engaged, marriages, babies, new pets, goals being kept, milestones being reached, birthdays, new leaves being turned, lives being saved, heroes returning home–there is a lot worth celebrating.

Q: What is a celebration without people? A: A pity party. That’s no fun. A celebration needs people and in those moments when we can’t find something to celebrate, we need to celebrate the good that it happening for someone else. So, find a reason to celebrate today.

Perhaps if we celebrated more–we might realize there are a lot of things worth celebrating. Don’t overlook the good in the world; the good is worth celebrating.


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