Reflection · Teaching · Transition

Countdown Begins

You know you are excited about an event when you download a ‘countdown app’ on your phone. With less than 90 days before class begins, the realization is starting to sink in, that this is really happening. So far things are falling into place–I am starting to get e-mails from the University preparing me for Fall. Most recently, I have been informed that I need to complete an immunization form. Piece of cake.

But along with the excitement, comes the fact that I am not sure when I will get to teach face-to-face again. This week I will wrap up my last week of teaching 4 days a week. To give you perspective, I have not taught less than 4 days a week since Fall 2012.


The very thought of not teaching in traditional classroom more than 2 days a week really set in two weeks ago:

I was teaching my condensed 6-week Summer Speech class about ‘Informative Speech.’ After class, a student came up to me and said, “Mrs. Newbolt, thank you so much! I mean, I really get it! This helped me so much–I mean it is all fitting together in my head.” Excited, the student shared with me their upcoming speech topic. To make sure they understood the organization, we reviewed their topic and main points on the blackboard. This is when I asked the student to tell me what they knew about the topic, the direction they wanted to take, etc. After 10-15 minutes, the students said, “This is going to be great!” So elated, the much taller student gave me a high-five and left the classroom.

As I cleaned the blackboard (with an eraser that only appeared to spread a light layer of chalk), I was quickly reminded why I love teaching so much. That week, the student confidently gave a great presentation.

In the midst of excitement, new challenges can leaves us nostalgic at times. Often times it seems like the moment we just start to become comfortable, things change. Isn’t that true? As soon as we start to feel settled, it is time to embrace something or someone new. This phenomenon can be seen in the changing seasons, and there is beauty in all of it. Each season brings about its own challenges.

As we make transitions in life, we should pause and reflect on how precious time really is–reminded of how special people really are.

May you find peace in the midst of anxiety and a time to reflect in the midst of the day-to-day. May your Monday be extraordinary.



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