Celebration · Reflection

Racking Up the Miles

It has been a while since my last post. This entry marks the start of my third year as a PhD Student. WOW! I’m nearing the end of my required coursework and have lots to look forward to–lots of work that it. I’ve probably read more than 60 books since I started the program and am starting to feel like an expert in my field of study. With that said, I feel a lot of responsibility to what I have learned. A responsibility to share it, and learn as much as there is to learn about all things related.

Having a good support network, at all points of the program has been integral. Whether it’s a mentor telling me to stop reading and get to writing, or a new friend outside of my cohort who gets me to drop what I am doing to paint water lilies, support is the difference between being overwhelmed/ unproductive and confident that I am on the right track.

Hiking Metaphor

Without trail maintenance, trails are hardly enjoyable. Hikers can easily get so focused on the hiking, that they forget to be thankful for the hard work people did to provide a clear path. But, for those who have spent time doing the work–it is easier to be appreciative of the trail. When I feel overwhelmed, it is usually because I’m so focused on my own goals. To avoid  being the hiker so focused on themselves, it is important to think about and be thankful for all the people who worked hard on the path. And be encouraged that your hard work has also made someone else’s journey more enjoyable.


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