Diverging trails

Sometimes diverging trails take us very different places, and some trails end close to one another. As I stand at this point, I am taking it all in–excited about the journey ahead. Now that I have passed my comprehensive exams and am preparing my dissertation proposal, I find myself at a cross-roads of sorts. Feeling…… Continue reading Diverging trails

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A New Look

Happy New Years fellow travelers. To mark the new phase in my Adventure Towards a PhD, I’ve given the blog a makeover. Some time change in scenery can help us take new and brighter perspectives.

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Graduate, Student

I went from “Graduate Student” to “Graduate, Student.” All my coursework is complete–and now I am gearing up for the next part of this adventure…THE DISSERTATION! Stay tuned. Advertisements

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Words of Encouragement

Sampling of Student Comments “She’s one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She’s clear on assignments and makes the speeches fun.” “She provides a positive, calming atmosphere.” “The professor was interested in getting the class to learn and grow in this subject, so it made others interested.” “She was always prepared and always made…… Continue reading Words of Encouragement


The Gradual Climb

A short hike directly up the mountain can be tiring. As a beginner, I prefer a longer hike that zigzags up the mountain. The point which a zig turns to a zag is called “switchback.” A hike with many of these can be fun with a large group. Even though everyone can have a significant distance between them…… Continue reading The Gradual Climb

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Throwback to 2014

I found this is my drafts from 2014, and thought it was worth sharing.  Some of you might be thinking, “Why a PhD?” You may be reminded of headlines in the news that deter such a pursuit (“12 reasons not to get a PhD” and “The Future of the Ph.D.”). Besides, according to a recent article…… Continue reading Throwback to 2014

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Racking Up the Miles

It has been a while since my last post. This entry marks the start of my third year as a PhD Student. WOW! I’m nearing the end of my required coursework and have lots to look forward to–lots of work that it. I’ve probably read more than 60 books since I started the program and…… Continue reading Racking Up the Miles